I began figure skating at age 7 in the Philadelphia area. I grew up participating in regional competitions and achieving high level tests in freestyle, dance, moves-in-the-field, and figures with United States Figure Skating (USFS). I attended Miami University (OH) for undergraduate school and was a member of the Miami University Varsity Synchronized Skating team. As a Division I Varsity athlete, I traveled the world with the team to compete nationally and internationally, representing both Miami University and the United States of America. I was a member of the 1999 Synchronized Skating National Championship team, the 2000 Prague Cup International Championship team, and Team USA.

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Synchronized Skating is a fast-growing and popular discipline in figure skating. It is a team sport characterized by speed, power, intricate formations, and challenging sequences. I am head coach of The University of Vermont's Synchronzed Skating Team which is part of The UVM Skating Club and the University's Student Government Association (SGA). The team is primarily student run as the SGA encourages student leadership and organization. For more information about synchronized skating please visit US Figure Skating’s Synchro Section.


Yoga for Athletes

I integrate yoga into off-ice training for figure skaters and other athletes to assist in developing a healthy relationship with the body and to support an athlete in reaching her/his full potential. Athletics is a powerful, often competitive, and demanding space in which growth and development take place. Athletes can experience physical and mental challenges in the competitive and non-competitive sports world. Yoga is a practice that compliments strength-training, helps to develop greater flexibility, supports injury-prevention and cultivates focus – essential elements of an athlete’s training regimen.